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About the project

Сombyne allows users of the App to consume and share various media-based fashion news in a simple and straightforward manner. Their vision is to fully digitize the usage of fashion with a Mobile Application. The resulting data should help to stop the massive overproduction in the fashion industry, which currently churns out 100 billion pieces of clothing per year for 7 billion people.

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E-commerce, Social Media


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Many wardrobes or fashion apps on the App Store claim to help sort, categorize, and create outfits to help maximize outfit inspiration. However, a lot of apps have obnoxious complications: costly subscriptions, bugs, or requiring users to upload photos of every single article of clothing, etc.

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Сombyne is on a mission to save a huge amount of time and money on little creative decisions made every day.

How the product helped

Combyne’s vision is to fully digitize the usage of fashion and create a positive addiction to Social Networks. Guided by the mission to stop overproduction in the fashion industry, Combyne now is a powerful tool of spreading confidence and empowering people to create, rather than consume.

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Main idea of product

Combyne is a social tool for making outfits. The fusion of a game, a practical utility and a social network. Combyne allows users to create their own perfect outfit with their friends or discover trends from people nearby. Users can digitally assemble outfits, experiment, and share the looks with friends.

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Key Ideas


Turning every user into a measurement point of how people use fashion in their lives


High users engagements 1M of user-generated content every month


Extensive database of 800 world-known brands to make a perfect outlook from-admin panel


Customized feed


Complicated analytics

Client’s Feedback

“They were really flexible and always stood ready to work on our brand-new ideas.”
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Marek Mihok
COO at Combyne

Technology stack

react native


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The app is now a back-office as well as an admin panel for Combyne’s business. It helps to make the production decisions based on data rather than guessing and groundless predicting.

To showcase its leadership, Combyne has outperformed Instagram on some of the crucial metrics, which was noticed by ProductHunt and other respected sources. The community now consists of over 5 million users and is growing at 18% month-on-month.

The intuitive interface also helps possess a high ranking in the user’s engagements with an average of 12 minutes of session duration.

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Future plans

Combyne plans to continue implementing fusion of a game, a practical utility and a social network. Their team plans to fine-tune fashion curation and overall aesthetic of Combyne app, which will evidently lead them to Round A.

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