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VisionOS App Development Services

Unlock the potential of augmented reality with WeSoftYou's visionOS development services. Whether you need to adapt your existing app or website or build one from scratch for visionOS, our skilled team creates immersive experiences for gaming, education, and e-commerce, tailored to your business needs. From concept to execution, we guide you through the development process, delivering seamless and impactful results. Explore endless possibilities with visionOS and propel your business to new heights of innovation.

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Our VisionOS Development Services

Develop any visionOS product with WeSoftYou: see what we can offer.

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Adapt your app for the Vision Pro

We can modify your existing app to seamlessly integrate with shared spaces, allowing users to collaborate and interact with others in real time, creating a dynamic and immersive experience.

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Enhance your iPad and iPhone apps for the Shared Space Build custom AR app for Vision Pro

We specialize in optimizing iPad and iPhone applications to leverage the capabilities of shared spaces, enabling users to collaborate, communicate, and interact with your app in a shared environment.

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Adapt a website for the visionOS

Our expertise extends beyond mobile apps, as we can adapt your website to be compatible and optimized for visionOS, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience across different platforms and devices.

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Build spatial SharePlay experiences

We have the ability to create immersive SharePlay experiences, allowing users to engage in shared activities, such as watching videos, playing games, or collaborating on projects, in a spatial and interactive environment.

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Test and deploy your visionOS apps with TestFlight and App Store Connect

We offer comprehensive testing and deployment services for your visionOS apps, ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards before being released to the market. We utilize TestFlight and App Store Connect to streamline the testing and distribution process, making it efficient and hassle-free.

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3D content for your visionOS apps

Our team of skilled Reality Composer Pro specialists can create high-quality and visually stunning 3D content specifically tailored for your visionOS apps, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and user engagement.

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Unity VR Development

We possess expertise in Unity VR development, enabling us to create virtual reality (VR) experiences that are immersive, interactive, and compatible with various VR platforms, delivering a truly captivating and realistic user experience.

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Build custom AR app for Vision Pro

Our team of skilled developers, specifically experienced in working with RealityKit, can create a tailor-made augmented reality (AR) application for Vision Pro, leveraging the power of AR to enhance the functionality and user experience of your app.

Our Tech Expertise

As a leading software development firm, we use advanced technologies to create exceptional visionOS development services:

Apple ARKit

We harness the full potential of Apple's ARKit framework to create seamless and high-performance visionOS applications.


Our team of experienced Swift developers leverages the power of Apple's native programming language to build robust and efficient visionOS solutions.

3D Modeling and Animation

We employ advanced 3D modeling and animation techniques to create stunning visuals and realistic AR experiences.


We utilize RealityKit, Apple's powerful framework for creating augmented reality experiences, to bring lifelike 3D content, animations, and physics-based simulations to your visionOS applications.

Our Custom VisionOS Development Process

This is how the WeSoftYou team delivers visionOS development services.

Our project team and the stakeholders get acquainted. Together, they define the app's requirements and goals. This involves MVP consulting (idea validation, conducting market research, identifying target users) and determining the app's features and functionality while collecting and validating functional- and non-functional requirements.
Once the requirements are defined, we create the app’s UI/UX. This is when the designers’ team works on wireframes and mockups, defines the UI and user path, and establishes a visual design.
This is the stage where the app is actually built. It involves writing consistent and maintainable code, integrating third-party APIs, and developing server-side and client-side functionalities.
At this stage of custom mobile app development services, the app is tested to identify and fix any bugs or issues. Testing may include functional testing, performance testing, and security testing.
Once the app has been tested and is ready for release, it can be deployed to the app store or made available for download. This may involve working with the app store to meet their guidelines and requirements.
Maintenance and Updates
After the app is released, the WeSoftYou team will maintain and update it to ensure it remains functional and up-to-date. Fixing bugs, adding new features, and updating the app to work with new operating systems or devices.

Benefits of Our VisionOS Development

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Day-0 consulting

Get a detailed consultation on your idea from our team before diving into visionOS application development. We'll work with you to put together a great team, identify the best technological solution, assist with other related issues, and complete the SDLC.

Providing A to Z services

Get any type of application, such as a cross-platform, native, or progressive web app, produced by our team. By converting your ideas into code, WeSoftYou produces scalable and reliable applications.

Competitive Edge

Stay ahead of the competition by embracing the latest technology trends. VisionOS development allows you to differentiate your business and stand out in the market, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

Competitive Pricing

WeSoftYou provides high-caliber, reasonably priced visionOS development services. Based on the demands of your project, we assemble a team and help with budget optimization.

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WeSoftYou — Your Custom visionOS Development Choice

Why should you go with WeSoftYou? It’s simple.

IT world presence

WeSoftYou is an active member of the international IT community. Apart from having a range of compelling visionOS software development in our portfolio, we are recognized as one of the best B2B companies. By the way, we always attend tech conferences, either as speakers to share knowledge or guests to consume it.

Competent engineers

Employing the top 3% of industry experts, WeSoftYou stays a kind of custom visionOS development company that is positive to retain its clients’ trust. This is how we make sure that, as a group, we produce software that profits our clients and brings value to their customers. You may be sure that the middle- and senior-level professionals working on your project will be qualified.

Providing flexible engagement models

WeSoftYou provides a variety of engagement model choices. Work with us in whatever way that suits you best: for a set fee, on a time-and-materials basis (based on the time and materials we utilized to produce your product), or by hiring a dedicated staff.

Staying agile

To stay competitive in the IT industry, WeSoftYou responds quickly to changes in the market and new opportunities. An agile approach allows us to adapt to deliver high-quality solutions in a timely manner with the least stress possible both for our team and project stakeholders.


As a blockchain development company, WeSoftYou is proud to be recognized for its achievements by different partners worldwide.

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Product Engineering Insights

Our blog is a treasure trove of information that can help you gain a deeper understanding of the product development process and the latest industry trends.

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The VisionOS SDK refers to the software development kit provided by Apple specifically for developing applications on the VisionOS platform. It includes the necessary tools, libraries, and documentation to create, test, and deploy VisionOS apps. The SDK provides developers with the resources needed to leverage the capabilities of VisionOS in their app development process.

To prepare your app for VisionOS, you can start by familiarizing yourself with the VisionOS documentation and guidelines provided by Apple. This will help you understand the capabilities and requirements of the platform. Additionally, you can explore VisionOS development services offered by experienced developers who can assist you in optimizing your app for VisionOS.


To build apps for Apple Vision Pro, you will need to utilize the VisionOS SDK and development tools provided by Apple. Familiarize yourself with the VisionOS framework, which includes features such as ARKit, to incorporate augmented reality functionality into your app. Additionally, ensure that you follow Apple’s design and development guidelines for creating optimal user experiences on VisionOS.

To adapt an existing app for Apple Vision Pro, you’ll need to assess the app’s compatibility with VisionOS and identify areas where augmented reality features can be integrated. This may involve utilizing the VisionOS SDK and incorporating ARKit functionality into your app. Careful consideration should be given to ensure a seamless integration of augmented reality elements while maintaining the core functionality of the app.


Apple provides several developer tools to facilitate VisionOS app development. These include the VisionOS SDK, Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Environment), and ARKit framework. Xcode is used for coding, testing, and debugging VisionOS apps, while the ARKit framework enables the integration of augmented reality functionality. Additionally, Apple’s developer documentation and resources are invaluable for understanding the tools and techniques required for successful Apple Vision Pro app development.

Our Reviews

Tech leaders from leading companies have trusted WeSoftYou to build impactful software.

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Brian Wood
Director of Engineering at Living Security
“On an organizational level and an employee-specific level, their responsiveness is unmatched within their industry.”
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Marek Mihok
COO, Mobile App Company
“They were really flexible and always stood ready to work on our brand-new ideas. WeSoftYou successfully developed a CMS app, meeting our expectations.”
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Colin Stuart
Product Manager, RadiusAI, Inc.
“WeSoftYou's team members are incredible problem solvers at their core, they have a wonderful client-first attitude.”
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Matt Ward
Director of Engineering at Living Security
“I’ve managed a number of outsourcing relationships in my career, and they’ve really stood out to me. WeSoftYou has worked diligently to understand our goals.”
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Max Cooper
CFO, Go-rilla Digital Advertising LTD
“They’re proactive and independent. I value that they work without a lot of supervision. Our software has received incredibly positive feedback from both internal and external sources.”
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Paul Mills
Product Manager, RadiusAI, Inc.
“They did a great job asking solid questions when necessary, but working independently for the most part.”

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