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Whether you just plan to start a new business or want to take your existing business to the next level, consider us part of your team. WeSoftYou is a web and mobile development agency that helps companies transform digitally. We team up with businesses to bring their beautiful ideas to life. By applying our design and development expertise to work, we craft outstanding products that solve the problems of your users and address your special business needs.




Are you ready to convert your prominent idea into a rocking MVP?

Focus on business aspects, we’ll take care of the technology side.

Small/Mid-Size Business

Are you ready to push your business to the next level with the help of technologies?

Focus on your customers, we’ll take care of outstanding solutions for them.

Technology Companies

Are you ready to improve your development productivity using the global standards of software development?

Focus on your core technology, we’ll take care of all routine tasks.




With possibilities provided by modern web technologies, we now have the freedom to bring your most creative ideas to life. Regardless the size of your business, web solutions are the key to customer satisfaction and, thus, to your business’s success. We specialize in the development of web applications of different natures – from primitive ecommerce sites to complex cloud solutions.
Mobile development is maturing rapidly. These days, it’s hard to image a field that wasn’t touched by mobile technologies. We provide both native mobile development (for iOS and Android) and hybrid mobile development for businesses that want to change the world with innovative mobile solutions.
Desktop solutions are still in high demand. Sometimes, you simply can’t compress a complex idea into a small mobile app. We build desktop solutions for all existing platforms – MacOS, Windows, and Linux.
We offer a full stack of design services: prototyping, branding, and actual UI/UX design. We believe that UI/UX design is more than just a beautiful picture. UI/UX design is about a great user journey. That’s why we build stunning but useful interfaces that your users will enjoy.
We believe that maintainability and scalability are the two criteria of a successful product. The architecture of your future app has to be built in a way that it’s easily improved and reworked if needed. In our work, we apply the multi-level architecture approach, which allows us to scale and improve products endlessly.
Quality assurance is by far the most important part of any development process. To deliver proper user experience, your application has to run smoothly and its code has to be relatively bug-free. We apply manual, automation, unit, integration, performance, and security testing to every product we develop. That’s how we make sure that our apps are the best at delivering user satisfaction.

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01/ team

Everything starts from the team. Strategic Marketer + Experienced Product Manager + Software and Start-Up Geek = WeSoftYou Core Team. Perfect balance of Internet Business knowledge helps us to create fascinating Products.

02/ mission

We believe in digitalization. We are passionate about simplifying people’s lives with the help of information technologies.
Living in the age of technical revolution, we want to make people free from everyday issues.

03/ processes

We’ve organized our processes in a way that they allow us to transform your idea into an efficient MVP in the shortest period of time, with a minimum effort taken. Furthermore, our clients are actively involved in the process of product development, so that we can hear to their needs and meet their expectations.



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The job was delivered within a short timeframe and with genuine customer service, adding value through design and…

Team is well organized and has excellent process for planning and completing project. This was my first hire/project,…

The expertise of WeSoftYou is what I needed. At the beginning, I thought just to hire freelancers. After…

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Maksym Petruk
Maksym Petruk
Experienced Marketer 6+ years experience in Marketing and Brand/Product management. 2+ years experience in Software Development management 4+ years of Team Management experience
Volodymyr Verbonol
Volodymyr Verbonol
Experienced Product Manager 2+ years of Product Management of big Q&A Social Network (15+ million MAU) 1 year of Chat bot product development and management (travel and
Olexandr Shalakhin
Olexandr Shalakhin
Experienced Engineer 8+ years experience in Software Engineering Founder/Co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange https://ubit.li/ and ticket service tickerry.com. 50+ completed projects with Python (Django/Flask/Tornado/Twisted) 20+ completed projects with





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