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About the company

Truveris is a leading digital health company focused on delivering truth and clarity in pharmacy. Truveris’ proprietary technology, coupled with deep pharmacy expertise, helps to build more efficient market that maximizes choice, accessibility and prescription drug affordability.

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As a challenge of the dedication was to created a new modern system enabling informed stakeholder decisions with broader and more in-depth analytics. We also were tasked for support building and deploying the new system for ingesting high-volume data from various sources.

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How the product helped

The dedicated team was working on ensuring readiness for predictive analytics and performance improvement opportunities across key components in the new system. That would help Truveris drive transparency, affordability, and access across the pharmacy supply chain.

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Main idea of product

By partnering with Truveris team, we designed, tested, and evaluated new technologies and services as it applies to data warehousing and architecture. We also identified and resolved bottlenecks and bugs of the system. Helped with designing data systems that are secure, testable, and modular, as well as their support infrastructure and service.

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Key Ideas


Integrate navigation system into the platform


Project quality support


Updating library and framework and database dependencies


Containerization of microservices


Project migration to the microservice architecture

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WSU helped to create the platform where the pharmacy experts and proprietary intelligence engine can work together to deliver transparent insights. These insights help pharmacy experts to make critical program decisions which was the main challenge of the building process.

Future plans

Truveris team is pursuing to build a data intelligence engine that drives actionable decision-making to bend the cost curve and improve access in pharmacy.

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