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Feb 2021 - ongoing

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Fintech app for teens and their parents, image #2
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Zilla is a gig management tool for teens that makes earning money easy and learning new skills fun 🏃

Zilla leads its user through a step-by-step process of gig assignment, completion, and payment. WSU implemented a platform with a payment system integration, a wide range of financial choices and categories, personal kid’s accounts, and social network elements.


Gigzilla is a flexible and easy-to-use financial system with a friendly design that allows both kids and their parents to be in control of their earnings and personal account. By handling this app, parents can teach the value of money by giving children control.

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Results ✨

Promoting financial education

WeSoftYou has successfully implemented a platform that provides teenagers with an invaluable opportunity to learn about the significance of saving and spending money wisely. Through the use of a distinctive rewarding system, Zilla fosters financial education and empowers young users to make informed financial decisions

Parental oversight and guidance

Zilla puts parents in control by offering robust administrative features. Parents can effectively monitor and manage their children’s activities within the platform. This parental control functionality fosters a secure and guided experience, instilling confidence in parents that their teens are engaging with the tool responsibly

Empowering earnings and sharing

Zilla revolutionizes the way teenagers handle their earnings by enabling them to allocate their income across various categories. Additionally, the app facilitates sharing earnings with friends, promoting collaboration and reinforcing the concept of financial responsibility

Project goals ⚡️

The main goal was to create a gig management tool for teens that makes earning money easy and learning new skills fun

Challenges ⛰


Age-appropriate user experience: striking a balance between engaging teenagers and maintaining safety and privacy guidelines required extensive research and testing


Seamless payment system integration: ensuring a smooth and secure payment process demanded meticulous attention to detail, robust encryption, and rigorous testing


User privacy and data security: protecting user information and complying with data protection regulations were vital challenges, necessitating robust security measures and strong encryption protocols

The process 🚧

The development process of Zilla involved conceptualization, planning, design, development, testing, deployment, and post-launch support. The team conducted thorough market research and requirements gathering, followed by the design phase and prototyping. The platform was then developed, tested rigorously, and refined based on user feedback. After deployment, ongoing support and maintenance ensured optimal performance and security. Effective communication and collaboration among team members played a vital role in the successful creation of Zilla, while iterative development and user feedback drove continuous improvements throughout the process.

Stages 🎢


Conceptualization and planning: defining project goals, conducting market research, and establishing a comprehensive plan


Design and prototyping: creating wireframes and visual mock-ups, refining the user interface through iterative prototyping and user feedback


Development and implementation: building the Zilla platform, coding front-end and back-end components, and integrating features using best practices and suitable technologies


Quality Assurance and testing: conducting rigorous testing, including functional, performance, security, and usability testing, to ensure stability and reliability


Deployment and launch: deploying Zilla to production servers after completing development and testing


Post-launch support and maintenance: providing ongoing support, performing regular maintenance and updates for feature enhancements and security maintenance

Team composition 👨‍💻

1 Mobile Developer

1 Back-end Developer

1 QA Engineer

1 Project Manager

Technology stack ⚙️

Back-end: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis

Front-end: Javascript, React Native, Firebase

Core features 💻

Fintech app for teens and their parents, image #7

Payment system integration

  • Effortlessly receive earnings from completed gigs with Zilla's seamless integration of a secure payment system
Fintech app for teens and their parents, image #8

Wide range of financial choices and categories

  • Zilla offers diverse financial choices and categories, empowering teens to allocate their earnings according to their goals
Fintech app for teens and their parents, image #9

Personal kid’s account

  • Track earnings, savings, and spending securely with Zilla's personalized kid's account, providing teens with a sense of ownership and control
Fintech app for teens and their parents, image #10

Elements of social network

  • Zilla incorporates social networking features, allowing teens to connect, share achievements, and collaborate with friends

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