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May 2020 - August 2020

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AI driven platform to analyze shopper behavior, image #2
AI driven platform to analyze shopper behavior, image #3
AI driven platform to analyze shopper behavior, image #4

Radius.ai is a service designed to amplify the experience of visitors to customers' space 🏃

The Project helps hospitals, clinics, or other public placements to hold fast health checks, specifically to track the temperature and human behavior, in order to identify visitors with detected issues and prevent the spread of illness. Also, Radius.ai has produced all offline spots (offline systems) and has a working system for human safety for the 2b2 segment on the market.


Using the patented Viztel™ artificial intelligence technology, Radius.ai turns the existing vision-capturing devices into steady streams of valuable, real-time, actionable data. In addition to monitoring the real-time journeys of people within the facility, Radius.ai provides an interpretation of people’s actions, areas of focus, and experiences. Partners will know in real-time where their bottlenecks are, what people are doing, and how they are doing it. Radius.ai helps to identify lost opportunities and how to fix them.

AI driven platform to analyze shopper behavior, image #5

AI driven platform to analyze shopper behavior, image #6
Paul Mills
Product Manager, Radius.ai, Inc.

“They did a great job asking solid questions when necessary, but working independently for the most part.”

Results ✨

Time Savings

The pre-screening solution offered by Radius.ai saves nursing staff approximately 8-16 hours per week.

Real-Time Tracking

RAI has advanced real-time models for tracking customers and their behavior in 3D space using regular 2D monocular security cameras.

Enhanced Differentiation

The RAI team has created unique, anonymized numeric codes to differentiate between customers and staff. The system can track the customer’s journey, behavior, purchases and dwell times at an area of interest.

Project goals ⚡️

The goal of RAI Health is to help create safer and healthier environments. The AI-computer vision technology paired with thermal and regular cameras should detect fever, make hand sanitization monitoring (seeing if people are using the provided hand sanitizer), mask usage monitoring, and social distancing.

Productivity. To boost employee and customer satisfaction with a more productive environment.

Profit. To improve the top and bottom line by receiving data that can help streamline operations and drive greater value in the facility.

Performance. With real-time data and long-term statistical analysis of that data, provide the tools for greater efficiency.

Challenges ⛰


Full Stack AI Solution. The Radius.ai design team will look at the existing camera layout and identify any additional areas of coverage that might be required to achieve a full view of everything essential to the client.


Integrates Into the Existing Security Cameras. Radius.ai works with 2K or 4K cameras to turn a 2D world into a 3D data-rich environment.


Customizable Platform. Enterprise clients have unique needs. Radius.ai can align with existing technological infrastructure (e.g., POS, security protocols, etc.).


Out-of-the-Box Solution. Get up and run quickly. Identify points of congestion and enhance the customer experience today.

The process 🚧

The development of Radius.ai involved a collaborative and iterative approach. Our team of engineers, data scientists, and domain experts conducted extensive research to understand client needs. Leveraging our Viztel™ artificial intelligence technology, we designed advanced models for real-time customer tracking using existing security cameras. Through client feedback and rigorous testing, we integrated anonymized codes for accurate differentiation and comprehensive analysis of customer behavior. The result is a cutting-edge solution that optimizes operations and enhances visitor experiences, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and impactful solutions.

Stages 🎢


Research and analysis: thorough research was conducted to understand the specific needs of hospitals, clinics, and other public spaces. This involved analyzing existing technologies and identifying areas for improvement


Technology design and implementation: our team utilized the patented Viztel™ artificial intelligence technology to design advanced real-time tracking models. Algorithms were developed to process data from 2D monocular security cameras and extract valuable insights


Iterative development and testing: an iterative approach was followed, refining the system based on client feedback and industry standards. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure reliability, security, and performance. Identified issues were promptly addressed


Integration and customization: close collaboration with clients took place to understand their specific needs and customize Radius.ai accordingly. Anonymized numeric codes were integrated to differentiate between customers and staff


User acceptance testing and validation: clients participated in user acceptance testing to validate functionality and usability. Feedback was incorporated to enhance performance and user experience


Deployment and support: Radius.ai was seamlessly deployed within the client's environment, with assistance provided for integration and functionality. Ongoing technical support and maintenance were provided

Team composition 👨‍💻

2 Front-end Developers

2 Back-end Developers

1 QA Engineer

1 Project Manager

Technology stack ⚙️

Back-end: Python, Sanic, PostgreSQL

Front-end: Typescript, React.js, Redux

Core features 💻

AI driven platform to analyze shopper behavior, image #7


  • Counts unique people
  • Differentiates primary paying customers and non-paying customers
  • Identifies where customers are, what they are looking at, and how they interact with staff and displays
  • Provides data required to make informed decisions beyond what is possible with POS
AI driven platform to analyze shopper behavior, image #8


  • Identifies people
  • Analyzes data in real-time
  • Real-time processing that allows for enhanced decisions in the moment
  • Identifies what a person is doing (e.g., scratching lottery ticket, eating a snack, reading a magazine, etc.) for meaningful data and insights
AI driven platform to analyze shopper behavior, image #9


  • Field-tested and validated
  • Already tracking millions of unique journeys every month
  • Can operate in the cloud or compute on the edge, which allows to find the best solution for the clients needs
AI driven platform to analyze shopper behavior, image #10

A lot of additional opportunities

  • Engineered UX friendly customer/patient interface
  • Live feedback to the patient/customer
  • Admin dashboard for the smooth operational cycle
  • Spanish/English versions of the software
  • Kiosk for visitor screening

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