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AI consulting services provided by WeSoftYou are designed to empower businesses with cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. As a leading AI consulting company, our expert team excels in crafting customized strategies for business process automation. We guide you from initial consultation to AI implementation, ensuring end-to-end support. Our focus is on enhancing operational efficiency and competitiveness through AI-driven business processes.

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AI Solutions to Empower Your Business

Our Artificial Intelligence consulting services offer a comprehensive range of AI solutions to supercharge your business. Here's how we can help:

AI Strategy Development

Our experienced consultants work with you to craft comprehensive AI strategies. These strategies seamlessly align AI implementation with your business goals, ensuring you harness AI's full potential to drive success.

AI Proof of Concept

We conduct in-depth feasibility studies to assess the viability and potential benefits of AI solutions and machine learning technologies for your specific use cases. This critical step helps you understand the impact of AI strategy on your operations.

AI Solution Integration

Our experts evaluate your existing data infrastructure, data quality, and management practices. We provide recommendations for creating AI-ready data processes, ensuring efficient data collection, secure storage, and governance, setting the foundation for successful AI integration.

AI Security and Compliance Consulting

We prioritize the security and compliance of your AI solutions. Our services ensure that your AI systems meet the highest industry standards for data security and legal compliance, safeguarding your operations and reputation.

Machine Learning (ML) Consulting

Rely on our guidance for machine learning strategies. We assist in developing, implementing, and optimizing machine learning solutions, helping you leverage the power of ML for data-driven decision-making and business improvements.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Consulting

Our NLP experts provide tailored advice and guidance on strategies and applications. We help you harness the capabilities of natural language processing to enhance communication, content understanding, and customer interactions, taking your business to the next level.

Technologies We Use

Discover the robust technologies that power our AI development tech stack, driving innovative solutions and intelligence across our services.

DL Frameworks

PyTorch, Caffee2, NVIDIA, Chainer, Theano, MXNET


Kurento, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Core ML, ChatGPT API


Opennn, TensorFlow, Sonnettf-slim, Tensor2Tensor, Neuroph

End-to-End AI Consulting Process With WeSoftYou

WeSoftYou's AI consulting services follow a well-defined end-to-end process to deliver tailored solutions. Here's a breakdown:

Initial Assessment and Business Understanding
At the beginning, our AI experts delve deep into the client's business, objectives, and challenges. They seek to understand the intricacies of the client's operations, uncovering opportunities where AI solutions can be harnessed to drive innovation and efficiency. This initial assessment forms the foundation for crafting a tailored AI strategy.
Feasibility Study and Solution Design
After gaining insights into the client's business, the next crucial step is to assess the feasibility of AI integration. We conduct a comprehensive feasibility study, evaluating whether AI solutions align with the client's needs and goals. The outcome of this study leads to the design of a custom AI solution that is tailored to address the client's specific challenges.
Data and Infrastructure Assessment
AI implementation is highly dependent on the quality and readiness of data and infrastructure. Our team rigorously evaluates the client's data assets, infrastructure, and management practices. They identify any gaps or shortcomings and provide recommendations to ensure that the client's data is prepared for AI integration, including data collection, storage, and governance.
Technology Evaluation
AI technology is continuously evolving. WeSoftYou professionals stay current with the latest developments in AI and ML technologies. They thoroughly research and assess which AI technologies align with the client's specific requirements. The goal is to recommend the most suitable and efficient AI tools and frameworks to achieve the client's objectives.
Implementation Support and Strategy
With the AI strategy in place, we expertly guide the client through the implementation phase. They provide ongoing support and strategic input to ensure a successful integration of AI solutions. This includes devising implementation strategies, overseeing project execution, and troubleshooting issues to achieve the desired outcomes.
Monitoring and Optimization
AI implementation is an ongoing process. WeSoftYou continues to support the client by monitoring the AI solutions in action. They collect data and insights to optimize and fine-tune the AI system for improved performance. Regular feedback and strategic adjustments ensure that the AI solution seamlessly integrates into the client's operations and remains aligned with evolving business objectives.

Benefits of Implementing AI Solutions

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Optimize Labor Costs

Leverage AI adoption to streamline workforce management, reduce operational expenses, and improve overall efficiency.

Handle Multi-dimensional Issues

Implement machine learning to automate complex evaluations and predictions, making data-driven decision-making more efficient.

Speed Up Security Risk Discovery

Bolster data security with AI-driven rapid threat detection and pattern analysis, ensuring a proactive defense against cyber threats.

Enhance Customer Experience

Boost profitability with AI-enhanced customer support, tailor-made user experiences, and actionable customer analytics insights that drive sales growth.

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Rock with WeSoftYou

As your trusted artificial intelligence consulting company, WeSoftYou offers a spectrum of rock-solid advantages:

36 Quality Standards

We are committed to excellence, adhering to a comprehensive set of 36 rigorous quality standards, which cover every aspect of our software development process, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch solutions.

Top 3% Talents

At WeSoftYou, we hire the top 3% of software development experts, that underscores our commitment to delivering unmatched expertise and ensuring the success of software development projects.

Reliable Project Cost Estimates

We prioritize transparency and trust by guaranteeing that our estimated project costs align precisely with the final expenses, providing you with confidence in cost management.


As a blockchain development company, WeSoftYou is proud to be recognized for its achievements by different partners worldwide.

breaktrough of the year 2019
100% job success

highlighted in forbes

innovators of the year

Top 1% in the world

Read More About AI Consulting

Our blog is a treasure trove of information that can help you gain a deeper understanding of the product development process and the latest industry trends.

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AI consulting services involve specialized guidance and expertise provided by professionals and firms to help businesses leverage artificial intelligence technologies. These services encompass advising on AI strategy, developing AI models, implementing AI solutions, and ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. AI consultants analyze businesses’ specific needs and provide tailored recommendations to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

– Strategic Implementation: AI consulting firms help businesses strategically implement AI technologies, aligning them with organizational goals and objectives.
– Process Optimization: AI consulting firms optimize business processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs.
– Data-Driven Decision-Making: By leveraging AI, businesses can analyze vast datasets, enabling informed and data-driven decision-making.
– Competitive Edge: Implementing AI technologies gives businesses a competitive advantage by offering innovative solutions and improved customer experiences.

An AI consulting firm like WSU can transform your business by implementing AI models for data analysis. They assess your data needs, create tailored solutions, and leverage AI algorithms to provide valuable insights. These insights empower data-driven decision-making, enhancing efficiency, and enabling your business to stay ahead in a data-centric market.

– Evaluate Expertise: Look for consultants with expertise in diverse AI technologies and applications.
– Client References: Check past client references and testimonials to gauge their performance and customer satisfaction.
– Industry Experience: Choose consultants with experience in your industry for relevant insights and solutions.
– Collaborative Approach: Opt for consultants who collaborate closely with your team, ensuring a smooth integration process.

AI consulting costs vary based on project complexity, consultant expertise, and duration. Generally, consultants charge hourly rates or fixed project fees. Rates can range from $100 to $300 per hour. Complex projects with long durations may incur higher costs, but these investments often yield substantial returns in improved efficiency and profitability.

Our Reviews

Tech leaders from leading companies have trusted WeSoftYou to build impactful software.

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Brian Wood
Director of Engineering at Living Security
“On an organizational level and an employee-specific level, their responsiveness is unmatched within their industry.”
How to Choose the Right AI API for Your Project?, image #23
Marek Mihok
COO, Mobile App Company
“They were really flexible and always stood ready to work on our brand-new ideas. WeSoftYou successfully developed a CMS app, meeting our expectations.”
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Colin Stuart
Product Manager, RadiusAI, Inc.
“WeSoftYou's team members are incredible problem solvers at their core, they have a wonderful client-first attitude.”
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Matt Ward
Director of Engineering at Living Security
“I’ve managed a number of outsourcing relationships in my career, and they’ve really stood out to me. WeSoftYou has worked diligently to understand our goals.”
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Max Cooper
CFO, Go-rilla Digital Advertising LTD
“They’re proactive and independent. I value that they work without a lot of supervision. Our software has received incredibly positive feedback from both internal and external sources.”
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Paul Mills
Product Manager, RadiusAI, Inc.
“They did a great job asking solid questions when necessary, but working independently for the most part.”

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