A platform for coordinating pet healthcare appointments

WeSoftYou developed a booking healthcare platform for uniting doctors and pet owners

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A platform for coordinating pet healthcare appointments, image #2

The booking Healthcare platform for uniting doctors and pet owners. 🏃

Modern Animal is a new kind of veterinary clinic that leverages improvements in technology and design to give pet owners greater access to a team of experts, convenience and flexibility in every interaction, and the highest level of personalized care.


WeSoftYou has created an app, which provides pet owners with 24-hour access to Scheduler and Virtual Team of Experts. Through the app, pet owners can check-in for appointments from home, review free time slots, schedule appointments and more. The digital experience allows doctors to know pet owners and pets before they enter our clinic, which is designed differently than other veterinary clinics


The application is the scheduling tool leveraging innovations in veterinary medicine. Doctors and customers are able to set up appointments, drops – off, walks-in, and any other activities related to veterinary activities in a user-friendly way.

A platform for coordinating pet healthcare appointments, image #3

Results ✨

Mobile app efficiency:

streamlined appointment scheduling via mobile platform.

2-week Design Phase

during which we rethought our approach to fast scheduling.

30% decrease in engagement time

with app accessible on web and mobile.

24/7 pet care access

to scheduler and expert team.

Remote check-in:

convenient appointment scheduling from anywhere.

Intuitive interface:

easily review and schedule appointments.

Project goals ⚡️

Seamless appointment scheduling: easily book appointments with animal medical specialists.

UX/UI clarity: ensure easy understanding with clear visual cues, aiding users in organizing scheduled appointments.

Efficient workflow: implement a structured appointment system to optimize veterinary resource allocation.

Challenges ⛰


Integration challenge: ensuring web and mobile platforms work together seamlessly.


User adoption hurdle: convincing older users to try digital scheduling.


Data security: keeping sensitive information in the app safe.


Scheduling approach: figuring out the best way to make scheduling appointments faster and easier for users.

The process 🚧

The development process of Modern Animal was marked by careful planning and implementation. Our team began with a thorough Discovery Phase, gathering insights to guide the following stages. With a focus on user experience, designers created intuitive UI/UX elements. Developers worked diligently to code front-end and back-end systems, ensuring they matched design specifications. Comprehensive testing guaranteed strong functionality. Finally the high-functional app was deployed!

Stages 🎢


Discovery Phase: Thorough research and planning to gather requirements, analyze market trends, and outline project scope.


Research and Planning: Gathering requirements, market research, and planning development process, timelines, and resources.


Design: Creating user-friendly UI/UX through wireframing, prototyping, and mockups for app layout and features.


Development: Coding front-end and back-end based on design specifications to build the app.


Testing: Rigorous testing to identify and fix bugs, errors, and usability issues before launch.


Deployment: Launching the app after successful testing, making it available for users to download or access.


Maintenance and Updates: Ongoing support to ensure app performance, security, and usability, including bug fixes and feature updates.

Team composition 👨‍💻

1 Project Manager

2 Developers 

Technology stack ⚙️

Front-end: : React

Core features 💻

A platform for coordinating pet healthcare appointments, image #4

24-Hour Access to Scheduler

  • Pet owners can access the app anytime to schedule appointments with veterinary specialists, leveraging the convenience of virtual interaction and eliminating the need for in-person visits to book appointments.
A platform for coordinating pet healthcare appointments, image #5

Virtual Team of Experts

  • The app connects pet owners with a virtual team of veterinary experts, providing access to professional advice, consultation, and guidance from the comfort of their homes.
A platform for coordinating pet healthcare appointments, image #6

Digital Appointment Management

  • Users can easily check-in for appointments, review available time slots, and schedule appointments with veterinarians, ensuring seamless coordination and flexibility in managing their pets' healthcare needs.
A platform for coordinating pet healthcare appointments, image #7

User-Friendly Interface

  • The app features a user-friendly interface with clear visual cues, ensuring easy understanding and navigation for pet owners as they organize and manage scheduled appointments.

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