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Integrated mobile app for better cleaning services management

Stratus Connect is a mobile application that connects commercial cleaning service providers with their customers, streamlining all aspects of cleaning operations.

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Green Commercial Cleaning

Project duration

4 months (December 2023 - April 2024)

Country state

California, USA


3 members


Integrated mobile app for better cleaning services management, image #2
React Native
Integrated mobile app for better cleaning services management, image #3
React redux
Integrated mobile app for better cleaning services management, image #4
Redux Toolkit
Integrated mobile app for better cleaning services management, image #5


Stratus Connect is a mobile application developed by the WSU team to enhance communication between cleaning service providers and their customers. It also streamlines operational efficiency with advanced features like centralized service dashboards. The mobile application is available both on iOS and Android platforms.


Initially developed as a web-based application, the solution faced challenges with low user engagement, particularly among customers. In response, the project has evolved to focus on enhancing accessibility and usability. By transitioning to a mobile platform, Stratus Connect aims to provide a more accessible and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all stakeholders. This strategic shift is designed to meet modern demands, improve customer interaction, and increase overall platform utilization.


Stratus Connect aims to improve customer experiences by simplifying the creation and tracking of action items, inspections, and invoices. It also streamlines workflows for Service Providers and OPS Managers in managing tickets and inspections. Among other advanced features are a secure access gateway, integrated service hub, and dynamic action item toolkit. They ensure robust user authentication, data protection, simplified management, and a unified interface.

Results ✨

Enhanced Communication and Usability

The mobile application has an intuitive UI/UX design that simplifies correspondence between all stakeholders—service providers, operational managers, and customers. All thanks to features like a streamlined ticketing system, communication logs, and action item tracking.

Improved Inspection Management

New features now allow for more efficient creation and storage of inspection data. Service Providers and OPS Managers can conduct inspections both online and offline across mobile and tablet devices, review outcomes, and access detailed reports.

Increased Platform Adoption

The transition from a web-based platform to a mobile application has attracted more users, demonstrating a successful pivot in strategy that aligns with current customer preferences and technological trends.

Project goals ⚡️

Establish robust communication channels between customers, service providers, and OPS managers through a mobile-based ticketing system.

Offer an improved process for creating and storing inspection outcomes.

Streamline workflows and improve data accuracy and accessibility.

Address the low usage rates of the previous web version.

Make the app more user-friendly and appealing.

Challenges ⛰


Implementing seamless communication channels.


Ensuring cross-platform compatibility.


Developing offline functionality.

The process 🚧

Stratus Connect’s development was the culmination of a collaborative endeavor, where a cross-functional team of engineers, UI/UX designers, and industry experts dove deep into understanding the unique challenges and requirements of the cleaning service industry. State-of-the-art technologies and functionalities were carefully developed to facilitate seamless communication across platforms and ensure robust offline capabilities, enhancing overall operational efficiency and user experience.


Through continuous iterations and enhancements driven by feedback from customers, service providers, and operational managers, and supported by rigorous quality assurance processes, we developed a mobile application that not only meets but exceeds the dynamic needs of all stakeholders.

Stages 🎢


Requirements Gathering: We documented the essential needs of all stakeholders, including communication features, cross-platform usability, and offline functionality.


Design: UI/UX designers developed wireframes and prototypes to ensure the app is user-friendly across different platforms, while architects plan for data synchronization and offline capabilities.


Development: Using technologies like React Native, developers coded the app to support both iOS and Android, integrating crucial functionalities such as the ticketing system and offline data management.


Testing: The app has undergone comprehensive testing across all devices to verify functionality, with special attention to offline performance and data sync accuracy.


Deployment: After thorough testing, the app was launched in the production environment and made available on app stores, with ongoing monitoring for any immediate adjustments.


Maintenance and Updates: The app is regularly updated based on user feedback and performance analytics, ensuring continual enhancement and bug fixes.


Feedback Loop: Continuous user feedback is collected and utilized to guide further improvements, ensuring the app evolves to meet changing user demands and enhances user satisfaction.

Team composition 👨‍💻

– 1 Project Manager
– 1 Mobile Developer
– 1 QA Engineer

Technology stack ⚙️

Front-end: React Native / Expo, Redux, Redux toolkit, TypeScript, TanStack Query, NativeBase-UI

Core features 💻

Integrated mobile app for better cleaning services management, image #6

Enhanced Authentication

  • Offers multiple secure login options, including traditional email/password and single sign-on via Google or Apple. It also features auto-saving and auto-filling of credentials, streamlining access while ensuring robust security, and providing a quick, hassle-free login experience.
Integrated mobile app for better cleaning services management, image #7

Addresses List: Search & Filter

  • Provides a dedicated page for Service Providers (SP) and Operational Managers (OPS) to manage service addresses efficiently. With search and filtering capabilities, users can quickly find addresses using keywords or custom filters, enhancing operational efficiency.
Integrated mobile app for better cleaning services management, image #8

Customer Invoices Page

  • Provides a streamlined view to manage invoice history, featuring details on paid and outstanding amounts. Invoices are categorized into "Open" for pending and "Past Due" for overdue payments, helping customers track their financial obligations and promote timely payments.
Integrated mobile app for better cleaning services management, image #9

Action Items Management

  • Enables users to create, edit, and manage action items tied to addresses and service contracts, streamlining communication. Features include photo uploads, a communication log, private exchanges, and Google Translate for Android users, enhancing productivity and collaboration.
Integrated mobile app for better cleaning services management, image #10

Inspection Creation & Management

  • Enhances the efficiency of Service Providers (SP) and Operational Managers (OPS) in remote and onsite inspections. Remote ones involve digital forms, while onsite ones capture signatures and geolocation in the app. Features include photo uploads and detailed inspection data on dedicated pages.
Integrated mobile app for better cleaning services management, image #11

Offline Inspection Capability

  • Enables conducting inspections effectively, even with poor internet connectivity. By storing necessary address data locally, users can create and complete inspections offline, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and productivity.

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