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Jan 13, 2023
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Forecasts indicate that the market for blockchain technology will increase rapidly over the next few years, reaching a value of over $39 billion by 2025. Given the potential of the technology and the broad industry interest in the capabilities it may offer, hiring blockchain developers has become problematic.

In this article, we will cover all the essential things to consider when you want to hire blockchain developers. 

We’ll also introduce WeSoftYou, a trusted Web3 development company with expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, and mobile development (see how we built  Good Dollar and NDAX below).

Blockchain Developer Tech Stack and Expertise

Becoming a blockchain developer requires deep knowledge of programming languages, data structures, blockchain fundamentals, and tools.

In the technologically advanced days, hiring a blockchain developer is all but necessary. Here are the qualifications your prospective applicant has to possess.

Programming Skills

Make sure the blockchain engineers you hire have a foundational understanding of programming. They don’t have to be experts, but they should know how to create code and comprehend the grammar. Knowledge of Java, C++, C#, Python, Golang, and JavaScript are necessary for blockchain app developers.

Blockchain developers must stay current with the most recent updates because blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin are continually changing. They should know how to work on well-known blockchain platforms.

Knowledge of Security and Encryption

A crucial component of blockchain technology is cryptography. To construct safe applications and systems, a blockchain coder must have a solid grasp of cryptography. Additionally, they need to be knowledgeable about security and encryption protocols like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). Furthermore, they must understand how to use security tools like data encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Blockchain is a distributed database, so blockchain developers should know networking principles like peer-to-peer networks, packet transport over the internet, routing, etc. For a blockchain developer, having a firm grasp of cryptography, security protocols, and networking principles are crucial.

Data Structures

When you hire crypto developers, you need to ensure they are knowledgeable about data structures, including their kinds, uses, and interactions with the network. Understanding data structures is crucial because blockchain consists of them.

  • Linked List. It is a data structure that linearly stores several values. Each value includes the value of the corresponding node, data, and a link to the subsequent node in the list.
  • Singly Linked List. It is a linked list of the unidirectional variety. Each node in a singly linked list has only one pointer to another node, and it can only be traversed in one manner.
  • Hast Table. It is a unique data structure where a hash function determines the relationship between an element’s value and location. It stores pairs of keys and their values.
  • Acyclic Graph. It is a memory-efficient and quick word retrieval data structure frequently employed in natural language processing and other scenarios requiring a quick, small collection.

Blockchain Fundamentals

Blockchain technology developers need a solid understanding of blockchain architecture and concepts like cryptography, native tokens, decentralized applications (dApps), consensus, smart contracts, and hash functions.

  • Distributed ledgers. A network of devices or nodes houses an electronic database system. It is unique because there isn’t a single supervisory authority.
  • Consensus mechanisms. It is a mechanism that ensures that specific rules are followed and that the transaction happened as intended. In a distributed network, it enables programs to coordinate their operations.
  • Smart contracts. An algorithm builds a set of instructions into the blockchain code. The sequence is automatically started if the established agreements stated in it are followed.
  • dApps. These are mobile applications that utilize blockchain for any purpose. A qualified blockchain expert needs to have a background in dApp creation.
  • Immutability. Once produced, data on a blockchain can’t change. Data immutability is crucial. Thus blockchain developers must be aware of its significance.
  • Sharding. Sharding the blockchain network is necessary to split it into smaller units. Each shard is unique, independent, and entirely composed of its own data.
  • Tokens. Blockchain technology accounts for the tokens, and specific software with a digital signature can access them. Maximum ownership rights protection is therefore guaranteed.

Blockchain Tools

A blockchain developer needs to be knowledgeable about various development tools if they wish to advance in their profession. Among those tools, we should mention Blockchain Explorer, Caliper, Composer, Drizzle, Etherscan, Ganache, Geth, MetaMask, Mist, Remix IDE, Solidity, Solo, Testnets, and Truffle. 

Blockchain Developer Requirements and Years of Experience

Degrees in computer science, information security, software engineering, or a related field are frequently held by blockchain developers. There are other ways to get ready for a job in blockchain app development than getting a degree. Candidates with certificates in pertinent specialties may be accepted by employers or even given the job preference. For developers switching to blockchain development from a related field, there is an option to expand on prior experience with blockchain-specific courses.

Based on the years of experience in blockchain development, engineers are considered: 

  • Entry-level blockchain developers (1-3 years of experience).
  • Middle blockchain developers (4-6 years of experience).
  • Senior blockchain developers (7-9 years of experience).

Blockchain developers at WeSoftYou have deep expertise in blockchain development. Our team uses Tezos, EVM-based blockchains, and Ethereum. WeSoftYou experts are proficient in Python, Javascript/Typescript, and Solidity. Some of our blockchain developers also speak Klingon. WeSoftYou blockchain development team uses Truffle, Brownie, React.js, Node.js, Django, and Serverless. 

Blockchain Developer Salary by Country

Blockchain developer salary varies considerably based on their location.

Blockchain developers’ salaries are skyrocketing globally as the demand for blockchain experts and developers increases. The pay for employment varies tremendously depending on where you are. Let’s take a closer look at the pay scales for blockchain developers by country.

CountryAverage blockchain developer salary, $/year
The United States102,495
The United Kingdom63,380 (£52,514)
France52,970 (€49,886)
India81,000 (₹6,74,579)

You may find blockchain developers for hire on a variety of freelance networks. The most well-known sites with the largest talent pools are, Freelancer, and Toptal, where you may look for and hire cryptocurrency developers for your project. 

Although they are easy to locate and engage, freelance blockchain developers provide additional challenges for business owners. For instance, managing freelancers can be a daunting task. Moreover, it is not always safe to entrust a digital ledger to a random internet contact for your delicate and complex blockchain project.

Outsourcing blockchain development to a trusted provider can relieve your pain. When searching for a blockchain developer company, pay close attention to how reliable and knowledgeable they are. Companies listings on websites like or tend to be a great source of information in this regard. By the way, Clutch recognized WeSoftYou as one of the best B2B companies in Ukraine

CountryAverage rate of outsource blockchain developers, $/hour
The United States75-125
The United Kingdom60-80

How to Hire a Reliable Blockchain Developer

Hiring a blockchain developer requires thorough screening, interviewing, testing, and making an offer.

If you have decided to hire a blockchain developer by yourself, these steps will help you to make a balanced choice. 

Create a Job Post

When looking for blockchain developers, you must create a job post. To draw in the best candidates for the position of blockchain engineer, the job post must be comprehensive and carefully curated to include the following:

  • Your company’s mission and purpose.
  • The skillset you are looking for.
  • Required experience.
  • Duties and responsibilities.
  • Type of employment.
  • Salary range and other compensations.

Inform potential applicants upfront if there are any challenges so they won’t waste their time applying if it is not a suitable fit. Once you have found decent candidates, prepare interview questions and arrange interviews. 

Conduct Interviews

The interview aims to assess how well people will get along and determine whether the applicant is qualified for the position. While asking questions during an interview can help you learn more about your candidates’ personalities and thought processes, it’s also crucial for them to understand how approachable and welcome you are as their potential boss.

Here are some of the questions you can ask at the interviews: 

  • When did you start working in the blockchain industry?
  • What difficulties do you foresee in putting blockchain technology into use or adopting it?
  • Do you have experience developing blockchain applications? If so, could you please elaborate?
  • How would your knowledge of cryptography apply to working with blockchains?

Arrange Coding Challenges

Understanding how blockchain operates and what makes it unique and better than other technologies is one of the coding challenges. You need to check how the candidates understand the guiding principles of decentralization, security, immutability, consensus, and openness. 

Ensuring blockchain engineers are aware of blockchain fundamentals and willing to grow their skill sets as needed is crucial when hiring them.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Blockchain Development Provider

To make an informed decision about your blockchain development partner, consider their portfolio, clients' reviews, and the technologies they use.

What if finding a blockchain developer becomes an extensive search and you don’t want to hire blockchain developers yourself? It is where a blockchain development provider comes into play. A blockchain development company can provide a ready blockchain development team with the required experience and expertise. But how to choose the right provider? 

We have prepared some tips to help you be prepared to make an informed decision on your blockchain development partner.


You can get a sense of a company’s level of quality by looking at their prior work. Your best choice is to work with a blockchain development business that has a strong portfolio. A major warning sign is a splendid website lacking a portfolio of prior work. Therefore, request a list of the company’s blockchain development services that were provided.

Clients’ Reviews

Client testimonials from the past are meaningful. Positive feedback from prior customers demonstrates that the business offers high-quality solutions. Contrarily, unfavorable testimonials imply that the company’s services are of poor quality. You would be wise to avoid dealing with such a company.

Type of the Technology the Blockchain Company Uses

The blockchain functionality varies even if they have the same fundamental premise. Blockchain-based solutions with different purposes include, for instance, Ethereum and Ripple. Ripple is a mechanism for token transmission, whereas Ethereum focuses on smart contracts. You need to choose a blockchain development company specializing in technologies that satisfy your business goals.

Hire Blockchain Developers from WeSoftYou

WeSoftYou is a blockchain development company with a solid portfolio and an experienced team of developers.

WeSoftYou is a software development company with proven experience and significant expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech development. 

Our company has shown remarkable results with 197.2% of growth and was recognized as the fifth-fastest-growing service company in the world and the top business in Ukraine. We are also recognized as the leading web development company and the second-best app developer globally.

Our blockchain engineers have extensive experience in the field. Ethereum, EVM-based blockchains, and Tezos are all used by our team. WeSoftYou professionals are skilled in Python, Javascript/Typescript, and Solidity. Some of our blockchain programmers also speak Klingon. The blockchain development team at WeSoftYou makes use of Serverless, Brownie, React.js, Node.js, and Truffle.

In the WeSoftYou portfolio, you will find case studies in blockchain development. 

Our blockchain development team has built a Good Dollar, an eToro blockchain-powered project geared towards a global distribution on the principles of universal basic income, and NDAX, a cryptocurrency exchange platform for secure trading. 

Secure Your Blockchain Project with WeSoftYou

High demand for blockchain developers makes it challenging to find and hire a talented and experienced team for your project. Partnering with a trusted blockchain development provider can save you time and effort spent on the recruitment of individual developers. 

Having developed a cryptocurrency exchange platform for secure trading and an eToro blockchain-powered project, WeSoftYou has proven experience and expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain development and will help you build your most ambitious blockchain project.

Contact us to talk deeper on the topic with our blockchain consultants.

Frequently asked questions

Is it better to hire a blockchain freelancer or outsource to a blockchain development company?

Hiring a blockchain freelancer entails many risks, such as the lack of experience of the developer and security issues. Outsourcing to a trusted and experienced blockchain development company will help you avoid risks and securely build a high-quality blockchain project.

What hard skills are necessary for a blockchain developer?

A blockchain developer must have knowledge of programming languages (Java, C++, C#, Python, Golang, and JavaScript), security and encryption, data structures, blockchain fundamentals, and tools.  

Is this a good idea to hire a dedicated blockchain development team?

When hiring dedicated blockchain developers, you don’t need to worry about the development process and cost. As a result, you’ll be able to concentrate on other crucial business operations like marketing, branding, promotions, finance, and other areas vital to your company’s success.

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