The booking platform for counselling and psychotherapy

Sanasearch is the pioneering online platform in Switzerland that offers a comprehensive nationwide selection of therapies.

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2 years

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Sanasearch is Switzerland’s pioneering platform that integrates a comprehensive system for booking a variety of therapeutic services including massages and other health treatments. At the heart of this innovative platform is a robust booking system engineered using Node.js, coupled with a user-friendly website developed with Django. This efficient integration is facilitated by gRPC, a communication framework that ensures swift and dependable interactions between the website and the booking system.


Expanding its reach, Sanasearch incorporates external booking systems such as Swica and Pharmed Solutions through REST APIs, enhancing the spectrum of services available while improving user access to diverse healthcare options. The platform is equipped with a powerful search engine built on Elasticsearch, enabling users to effortlessly locate services by location and other preferences. Additionally, the website’s interface, designed with Vue.js, offers straightforward navigation, significantly enhancing user experience.


Sanasearch places a high priority on security and user convenience, featuring a reliable authorization system and a simplified sign-up process tailored to user preferences. Therapists benefit from a customizable booking plugin for their own websites, which is user-friendly and quick to implement. After nearly two years of development using cutting-edge technologies like Python, Django, and Vue.js, Sanasearch has succeeded in creating a secure, accessible, and efficient platform that brings therapeutic services closer to people across Switzerland.

Results ✨

Integration of new booking system software

Established REST API between the Sanasearch platform and the Pharmed booking

Self-registration process

Implemented Therapist Registration and Flexible Subscription System

Ensured data security and compliance

The platform strictly adheres to European data privacy regulations

Project goals ⚡️

Offer an easy-to-use booking system for therapists

Develop a flexible search engine to help users find the therapists they need

Provide various toolkits for therapists to incorporate into their own websites

Challenges ⛰


Integrate diverse external booking systems with varying APIs, requiring robust solutions for seamless interactions.


Optimize performance for high traffic using technologies like Node.js, Django, and gRPC to ensure system reliability.


Implement an advanced search engine with Elasticsearch, requiring sophisticated query handling for fast and accurate results.

The process 🚧

We developed a robust booking system using advanced technologies like Node.js and Django, enhancing user interaction with the platform. By continuously updating based on feedback and strict quality checks, we built a secure and efficient system that meets the evolving demands of therapists and users. This collaborative and iterative process ensured the delivery of an innovative and reliable platform for counselling and psychotherapy bookings in Switzerland.

Stages 🎢


Research and Planning: Initiated with project familiarization, detailed analysis of the existing code, and architecture, and the identification of key development objectives.


Design and Prototyping: Focused on architecting the system and components, and creating prototypes for essential features to gather early feedback.


Development and Implementation: Involved coding new features in compliance with REST API, backend, and frontend best practices, while maintaining alignment with stakeholder expectations.


Iterative Testing and Refinement: Included systematic testing for bug detection and fixes, feature refinements based on feedback, and enhancements to system security, reliability, and performance.


Deployment and Monitoring: Featured a gradual rollout of new functionalities, continuous system performance, and user interaction monitoring, and quick adjustments in response to operational feedback.

Team composition 👨‍💻

– 1 Developer

Technology stack ⚙️

Back-end: Python, Django, nodeJS, gRPC, Celery, Redis

Front-end: Vue.JS, Angular.JS

DevOps: Docker, Docker Compose, AWS, S3, Elasticsearch (AWS open search source engine), Bitbucket, CI/CD

Core features 💻

The booking platform for counselling and psychotherapy, image #9

User’s Profile

  • Therapists can create, view, edit, and delete their personal information through profile settings.
The booking platform for counselling and psychotherapy, image #10

User’s Booking Plugin

  • A plugin that allows users to create and manage bookings directly on the therapist’s profile, providing a seamless scheduling experience.
The booking platform for counselling and psychotherapy, image #11

Booking Admin Panel

  • A comprehensive dashboard where therapists can manage treatments, methods, and bookings. They can also send emails or SMS to their customers, enhancing communication and engagement.
The booking platform for counselling and psychotherapy, image #12

Searching System

  • Features Elasticsearch for fast and precise searches, including geolocation filtering.

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